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~ News ~
Surveys for Boardwalk Extension
Posted on Jun 11th, 2015
McNeil Management will be mailing surveys to all homeowners to gauge interest in extending our boardwalk over the lake. The board has requested bids on the project and will use the surveys to assist their decision making proces on the proposed expansion project.
New Online Form for County Related Concerns
Posted on Dec 16th, 2014
Hillsborough County has added a new online resource for reporting concerns related to county issues.  You can choose from a list of concerns such as animals, code violations, flooding, sidewalk and street problems, trash and recycling, and more.  Click here to visit the new website and for more information. The link has also been added on our "Local Links" page under the "Other" tab near the bottom of the page.
Retention Ponds are NOT for Recreation!
Posted on Jul 31st, 2014
All ponds in our community are retention ponds which mean they are filled with runoff water which may contain pesticides and other items that wash down the street or off lawns.  Additionally, all ponds are chemically treated to kill algae on the surface and are stocked with carp to eat the dead algae.  This means there's no fishing, swimming, playing, or other recreational activity permitted.  Per our HOA attorney, signs will be posted for these prohibited activities.  Retention ponds attract various wildlife and are enjoyable to sit and view.  They’re not suitable for any recreational activity.   
Volunteers Needed ASAP for Board Vacancies
Posted on Jul 31st, 2014
There are immediate openings for HOA board member positions.  If you would like to show your interest in maintaining our community and can volunteer just a little time for meetings and to help make important decisions, please volunteer!  Click here to print a board member application to submit to McNeil Management at  
Gentle Reminders
Posted on Mar 14th, 2014
  • Please make sure to remove all stains from the house, sidewalks, etc.
  • Keep all trash cans stored out of view when not at the curb. You may install shrubs or a small wooden fence* if they cannot be stored in the garage. All exterior changes must be approved by ACC request prior to making changes.  If desired, you may swap your trash cans for smaller ones by calling (813) 272-5680.
  • Oak trees can make it very difficult to keep the grass growing beneath them. In the winter, try rye grass to conceal bare spots until the rains begin. According to our community requirements, there should be no bare spots on lawns*.
  • If your home needs to be repainted, you can contact Lowe’s (Mt. Carmel and Hwy. 60) for a 10% discount for Lakeshore Ranch homeowners using the approved paint colors*.
  • Violation enforcement will begin April 1st.
* Community guidelines for fences, approved paint colors and other maintenance can be found on our website under the tabs on the left.  All exterior changes must be approved by the ACC committee in writing prior to making any changes. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Board Meeting
Monday, September 28th
The next HOA board meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 28th, at 6:30pm at the Seffner-Mango Library located at 410 N Kingsway Rd in Seffner.  All homeowners are welcome to attend.  (Time and location subject to change with advance notice.)

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Are there any improvements that could be made to Lakeshore Ranch HOA to make it an even better place to live?”

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