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~ News ~
Winners of Christmas Lighting Contest
Posted on Jan 8th, 2018
  • First Place $300.00 Home Depot Gift Certificate: 1437 Lake Shore Ranch (Franklin & Martha Pazmino)
  • Second Place $200.00 Gift Certificate: 908 Lake Shore Ranch Drive (Robert & Kimberly Valentino)
  • Third Place $100.00  Gift Certificate: 1468 Lake Shore Ranch (Christopher Deck)

*Previous year’s winner not eligible to participate in current year. Winners must pick up gift certificates at HOA Annual Meeting on January 29th. Congratulations!! 

Download tip411 App
Posted on Nov 1st, 2017
You can download the tip411 app to your smartphone or tablet to report crime tips to HCSO. You can find the app through the Apple App store or Google Play. Just type in "HCSOSHERIFF'' (no space) and download it.
tip411 is simple yet effective. All you have to do is press "New Tip.'' You can also include a photograph or video by touching the camera icon at the bottom. All tips transmit instantly to the HCSO Communications Center where the information is directed to the appropriate area (patrol, narcotics, warrants, etc.). HCSO monitors tip411 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And all tips are anonymous.
Helpful Links for Community Issues
Posted on Feb 22nd, 2017
Hillsborough County and HCSO have resources to help residents deal with issues that are not covered by your HOA and property management team. Some examples include civil nuisances (such as noise or inadequate pet maintenance), criminal matters, trespassing, traffic matters, parking of vehicles on county-owned roads, etc., which must be addressed with the appropriate county agencies. Click here to learn more about these helpful resources.  
Get Help From a Master Gardener
Posted on Mar 28th, 2016
A guest speaker from from the Hillsborough County Extension Service came to our HOA meeting to help homeowners with a visual presentation showing plants, mulch and types of turf grass that will grow beneath oak trees. Additionally, information was provided on how to water and fertilize.
The county has a Help Desk with Master Gardeners who can answer questions about landscape problems such as lawn and pest problems, what to successfully grow and when and how to water effectively. Call them from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at (813) 744-5519 or email them at hillsmg@ad.ufl.edu.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Community Garage Sale
Saturday, April 28th
The next community garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 28. All residents are welcome to participate in the community-wide event. Signs will be posted at our entrance to attract shoppers. Homeowners may place temporary garage sale signs directing people to your home if participating. Please be sure to remove all such signs promptly that afternoon. 
HOA Board Meeting
Monday, April 30th
The HOA Board Meeting will be held Monday, April 30, 2018, at 6:30 pm at the Seffner-Mango Library, located at 410 North Kingsway Road in Seffner. All homeowners are welcome to attend. 
Meeting date and location subject to change with notice. 

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