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What do my HOA dues pay for?
Your HOA dues pay for the care and maintenance of common areas, like mowing and landscaping, as well as pond maintenance, TECO lights and irrigation, handyman and repair work as needed, attorney and bank fees, insurance, and our management company fees. These dues, or assessments, are required and must be paid by each of the 264 lot owners in Lakeshore Ranch. Failure to pay dues or respond to late notices will result in legal action through a lien foreclosure on your property. You can pay your dues online through McNeil Management's Homeowner Portal by registering then logging in here
Why did I receive a violation letter from the management company?
McNeil Management performs drive-through inspections every two weeks in our community. They note all property maintenance violations and a letter may be sent to the homeowner informing them of the problem(s). It is up to each homeowner to quickly correct the problem, or contact McNeil Management with an approximate date of when the problem will be corrected (for example, your lawn has large dead patches and you intend to re-sod within 60-days). Homeowners will receive a second letter if the problem is not corrected. Board members are advised of significant problems after 60 days for a final letter leading to subsequent attorney action when needed. All homeowners are encouraged to properly maintain their property in Lakeshore Ranch on a regular basis.
When do I have to submit an Alteration Application for my property?
Any time you intend to change any building, structure, or improvement on your lot, you must submit an Alteration Application to McNeil Management PRIOR TO making any changes. These requests are reviewed by the volunteer Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval or denial based on our Deed Restrictions. Requests must be approved by the ACC before any work can begin. Alteration Applications can be submitted electronically by registering an account at https://mcneilmsi.com/
How long does it take to get an architectural change request approved?
Your volunteer ACC members work to review and approve/deny all requests in a timely manner. Due to a current shortage of volunteers on the ACC committee, requests are currently reviewed monthly at the HOA board meetings.  Be advised that some requests may take longer and homeowners should submit requests at least 30 days ahead of any planned projects to give adequate time for review.
What can I do about a violation or enforcement issue at a neighbor's house?
You may submit an Enforcement Request Form online through McNeil Management's new Homeowner Portal for issues that are of serious concern. Examples might include roaming pets, lawn maintenance issues, or items being stored improperly in view. McNeil Management will either review the complaint on their next inspection or ask board members to verify the problem before sending a letter to the homeowner. 
How do I contact our management company?
McNeil Management can be reached by phone, email, fax, or mail at one of the contact points below.
Office: (813) 571-7100
Fax: (813) 689-2747
McNeil Management Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 6235
Brandon, FL 33508-6004
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