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Sidewalk Repairs - Update
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2020

The county has marked the sidewalks for tripping hazards with special tape.  There is no timeframe for repairs.  Please check back for updates. 
UPDATE ON SIDEWALKS: There's an open work order for the sidewalks on Rolling Ranch Place and Lakeshore Ranch. The locations identified have been inspected by county staff and a work order has been initiated to replace the damaged panels reported. Hillsborough County is currently working to restore damaged sidewalk panels throughout the county. The county began the first phase of this project in October 2018, however the backlog of request is several years. The Sidewalk Replacement Project is now transitioning into the second phase and the locations identified are included in the scope of work. At this time the area of concern is not included in the upcoming 90 day work plan (April – June) and we don’t have a definitive schedule for when it will be repaired. We anticipate some updates in the beginning of July 2020 in regards to next 90 work plan.


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